Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Reed Book Interactive DVD-Rom

“Probably the most comprehensive product about reeds ever published”. This DVD- Rom contains a 57 page PDF book with many step by step full colour photographs to help pipers gain a complete understanding about reeds. A large number of video files are also linked throughout the publication showing how to carry out testing and manipulation of drone and chanter reeds.

Chapters have been included on the making of chanter and drone reeds so that the construction of reeds is better understood and therefore the principles behind many of the manipulations make more sense to the piper. Selection of reeds and cane are also topics discussed along with installing, setting up, refining, increasing/decreasing volume, altering tonal quality, problem solving etc.

Chapters include:
CHAPTER 1. Practice Chanter Reeds
CHAPTER 2. Pipe Chanter Reeds
CHAPTER 3. Making a Chanter Reed
CHAPTER 4. Selecting a Pipe Chanter Reed
CHAPTER 5. Setting a Pipe Chanter
CHAPTER 6. Tools for Working with Reeds
CHAPTER 7. Manipulating Reeds
CHAPTER 8. Problem Solving
CHAPTER 9. Tuning a Pipe Chanter (basics)

CHAPTER 10. Types of Drone Reeds
CHAPTER 11. Making Cane Drone Reeds
CHAPTER 12. Understanding Drone Reeds
CHAPTER 13. Reed Selection
CHAPTER 14. Setting up Drones
CHAPTER 15. Problem Solving
CHAPTER 16. Tuning the Drones (basics)


CHAPTER 17. Making Your Bagpipe Air Efficient
CHAPTER 18. Setting Up and Tuning the Bagpipe (basics)

Suitable for use on any computer with a PDF and DVD reader.

Now available from the School of Piping Shop.

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