Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bagpipe Maintenance Kit

The School of Piping (publishers of  The Complete Pipers Handbook) are pleased to announce the arrival of its new maintenance kit bags.  This is a nylon zipper bag, designed to fit exactly into the front pocket of a Bagpiper case, measuring 32cm X 14 cm X 6 cm. They fit a wide variety of maintenance items and can be purchased for only AUD$20.

You can fill the kit with a wide range of our products or purchase them as a complete maintenance kit containing: A roll of waxed hemp, a utility knife, a roll of tuning tape, 4 x nylon brushes, 4 x rubber stock stoppers, 3 x drone stoppers, a pull through, Maker's Choice bore oil, Maker's Choice joint lube, a silk swab and a pair of small scissors.

Purchase can be arranged by emailing:
The Bag can be purchased directly online here:

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