Monday, July 23, 2012

Bagpipe Pressure Gauge (manometer)

For many years now I have been using a pressure gauge manometer as a teaching tool. Every piper in our youth band has access to one and all learners are encouraged to use one.  They assist in learning good blowing technique and arm control by providing instant feedback.  The gauges are highly responsive and unlike a water manometer you get the complete indication of what you are doing wrong as you do it. Our experienced pipers are also encouraged to practice with one from time to time.

The gauge goes further than just indicating unsteady blowing to show as you play any drop or increase in pressure.  It is common for many pipers to increase pressure during faster tunes or drop pressure in slower tunes.  Also to vary pressure within tunes that they are not confident playing.

The Bagpipe Pressure Gauge is an invaluable tool that will help pipers at any level. We stock them at the School of Piping Shop for just AUD$50.00 + Postage (or AUD$70.00 with a heady duty School of Piping zip up case). Contact us at to order one or purchase direct from our site at