Sunday, April 17, 2011

Latest Bash at Kilt Wearers

Today's Advertiser Newspaper has a ridiculous comment from former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, that just highlights what a pompous, more "English than the English" prat he really is. Suggesting that Prince Charles eccentricities including his kilt wearing do not sit well with most Australians. Well I would suggest that any such comments regarding a national dress are out of place, and a former Foreign Minister should be sympathetic to such matters. The large percentage of Australian's who are proudly of Scottish descent may feel differently, and I am sure many other nationalities who are proud to wear their own national dress would be supportive as well.

Can you imagine suggesting that a Royal from any other nation was eccentric for wearing their own national dress and that "it didn't sit well with most Australians"?

Speak on your own behalf Sassenach there are many proud kilt wearers in Australia.


  1. I wonder if he would care to explain "eccentricity" to the pipers who honour soldiers fallen in Afghanistan as they return home one final time. He may then appreciate it is best to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it, and remove all doubt.

  2. Contrived ignorance is becoming a contemporary Australian pursuit.

  3. Wasn't it one of Prince Charles' relations - Queen Victoria - who developed highland dress as we know it? Without her passion for all things Scottish, kilts and bagpipes would possibly only be found in obscure history books or we would be cutting a dash in 12yds. of tartan secured with a leather belt! Charlie therefore has every right to wear the modern kilt. This is tradition, not eccentricity.

  4. I wrote an official complaint to the editor of the newspaper and did not receive the courtesy of having it printed, replied to etc. Apparently it was a reasonable comment?