Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well done to SLOT Pipe Band, who in their 100th anniversary year put on a great concert at the Glasgow Concert Hall. Packed to the rafters the crowd really responded to the band and their support groups.

The purity and clarity of sound was very impressive. At the end of the concert the band played "Dawning of the Day" as an encore and then marched into the audience to play their last set among the crowd. The unity of sound was outstanding. The pipes held very well, and were best in the second half.

Great to see some old faces and catch up with a few friends.

Earlier in the day we went to the Pipe Idol competition to see Alex Gandy play. Was great to see him get through to the final. Steven Lieske who also plays in the Strathclyde Police Band with me, came through as well. We will try to support them all at Friday's final. It should be a good event.

Had the opportunity to tour R G Hardie's bagpipe making factory and saw McCallum's last week. Both very impressive. Hardie are putting out a bagpipe value pack that will include the Complete Pipers Handbook upon request.

Don Bradford and Terry Tully both released new books this week. No doubt both will be well recieved. I had the opportunity to assist in proofing Don's book when I first arrived in Glasgow and must say that it is very inpressive.

The practices are now getting serious and their are bands all over town rehearsing. Just two more for us until the World Pipe Band Championships. Will be a great weekend.

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