Sunday, August 8, 2010

Strathclyde wins at Bridge of Allan 2010

Sunday 8 August 2010 saw the Strathclyde Police Pipe Band attend the Bridge of Allan Highland Gathering. A lovely setting. The band played Donald Cameron, Cameronian Rant and Mrs MacPherson to gain first overall with a first in both piping and drumming. A very strong performance from the band which is improving every day. Pipes were great straight out of the box with very little having to be adjusted. Beautiful conditions prevailed all day.

A lot of interest show in The Complete Pipers Handbook, as a guide for pipers of every level to get the very best out of their instrument.

Here is some footage from You Tube of the band leading the march off.

1st Strathclyde Police
2nd Fife Constabulary
3rd Inverary
4th Cantebury Caledonian

A full week of practice and next week the band will be competing at the World Championships. A great day that I wouldn't have missed for quids!

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